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About Us

Building schools is not everyone’s cup of tea. Simply being a reputed contractor building residential or commercial structures does not make you an expert in building schools. Schools are highly specialised institutes and the blueprints must accurately reflect this, down to the smallest points. Not an exercise for the inexperienced, a general builder may not be aware of all the different regulations involved when creating something that will house children.

Thomas K12 is a blog site catering exclusively to news and interesting information on building schools. We invite opinion pieces by experts or industry professionals about what goes into building of schools. If you have some interesting information in this construction area, feel free to share it.

For example, colours play a big part in this sector especially for buildings catering primarily to preschool students and toddlers. Classrooms built for this purpose, should have brightly painted washable walls which can be easily cleaned. Whatever your experience, expertise or even qualification, if you have an interesting point we welcome your opinion. From trivia articles, personal experiences to anything that is even slightly involved in building, maintaining and founding a school.